About Us


“Before entering the challenging world of Motherhood I was an Events Manager specialising in private and corporate parties and after joining the NCT I found myself organising a whole host of events to help their work. The creation of Dinki Disco is a natural progression – providing an opportunity for families to enjoy music and dance together in a safe and friendly environment that caters for everyone’s needs.

I now have a four year old boy and a two year old little girl and last year I set up Dinki Disco to provide an opportunity for toddlers and young children to enjoy dance from the moment they could walk; developing their confidence and co-ordination whilst having fun and interacting with others.

Both my children have a ridiculous amount of energy and feisty personalities who love to jump about to music and show us their groovy moves. It’s so much fun as a Mum to share that natural urge to dance that children possess and I hope that Dinki Disco will get you grooving as much as your dinki ones!”


Aurelie Chesterman, Dinki Disco Organiser